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2011 pics - Argentia to Port Aux Basques

Day 1 - Driving to the pier for the 15 hour ferry ride
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2011 Trip Collage - click to see larger version
Last minute check before heading to the ferry

Waiting to board the Atlantic Vision 
Travel tip - a cabin on the 15 hour ferry is a must! 
(Same price for 2 or 4 bunk room)
The Atlantic Vision - one of the dining areas

                          $16.00 worth of breakfast
Day 2:  Arriving in Argentia and hitting the trail
The first photo on the trail

1.5 minute video of the trail near Argentia.

Northeast Arm near Argentia.

Don't miss this sign when heading West!
Look for it 32 kms (20 mi) from Argentia.

The opposite side of the above sign.
Port Aux Basques 778 km (486 mi)
This was pretty much the only water we saw on the trail.
The rest of the trip the trail was dry gravel. 
Dusk hit faster than we thought... time to find a camp.
...we found one. We didn't actually stay in the bus.
We set up our tent in the yard.

Cooking dinner...
Day 3: Heading to Gander
Not too many pictures from day three because we had so much ground to cover. We didn't stop often, and really there wasn't too much to see this day, it was mostly woods.
Pit Stop

Gas and a few supplies.

Frosty's Trailside Efficiency Units - Gander. I recommend staying
at the Comfort Inn. This place is quite small.
Day 4: Gander to Badger
Another beautiful blue sky day

We took every chance to fill up on the trail to reduce
the likely hood of running out fuel.
Badger - Rushy Pond
Badger - Rushy Pond
Trail Blazers in Badger - Great spot for a night.

Day 5: Badger to Deer Lake:
The Gaff area - flat lands with a few scattered mountains (next ten pictures)
An old rail car converted to a camp just east of the Gaff
The Gaff Top Sail - you can ride almost to the top.
See the view from the top four pictures below.

A nice brook at the Gaff

The flat lands surrounding the Gaff

The top of the Gaff Topsail. The side trail to this pint is
 easily visible on the south side of the trial. 

5 foot tall inukshuk at the top of the Gaff.

Some locals we met at the Gaff

The first moose we saw
Sandy Dump Beach near Deer Lake.
One of my favorite rest spots. 
We almost camped here, but the forecast called for rain
 so we stayed at the Driftwood Inn Motel, in Deer Lake.

"Big Dam" - Deer Lake. Apparently the area we took the picture
was completely flooded three weeks prior.

Day 6: Deer Lake to Serpentine Lake
 This is in Corner Brook right after we picked up the trail
again after the gap between here and Deer Lake/ Pasadena.

  Three minute video - arriving at Serpentine Lake    

Perfect spot to camp for the night in Serpentine Lake.

Serpentine Lake
 Sometimes you can see snow on the peaks.

Cutting onions to add to the moose meat
Moose Meat, Onions and Cold Beer

Gathering drift wood for the fire

Day 7: Serpentine Lake to Robinson's
The second moose of the trip.
A little guy who jumped out right in 
front of me.
George's Lake. 

The trail to the Pirate's Hideaway
Saltwater Joyz in Robinson's - gas station, convenience
store, pub, laundry mat, and motel. A great spot to stay for a
night or to get supplies. 
Pirate's Hideaway Pub

Day 8: Robinson's to Port Aux Basques - to the ferry
New bridge not quite ready for use at the time.

We made our way around no problem

The worst washout of the trip.
It looked worse than it was.

Wreckhouse area.

Only about 15 miles to Port Aux Basques ferry terminal.

Nice scenery between Wreckhouse and Port Aux Basques. 

a beach just a few miles from Port Aux Basques Ferry Terminal (Osmond area)
quick wash before getting on the ferry
Waiting for the Ferry home - The Blue Puttees
                      Video of driving from the Ferry Terminal Parking Lot to the Ferry
The Blue Puttees
Port Aux Basques

Leaving Port Aux Basques heading to Nova Scotia

Attempting to sleep.

Nova Scotia at 3 a.m. with the Blue Puttees in the background.
It was a little chilly as you can see by the dew on the truck.
 It was only about 12 degrees Celsius (55 Fahrenheit). 

Remember it was September.

Here is a link to another person's web site with hundreds of photos about the trip. 
Look for the four links at the bottom of his post to the photos.


  1. SICK!!! I would love to do this!!! Start planning now I suppose. any tips or info e-mail me please

    1. No tips off the top of my head. Send me a message if you have any questions I will do my best to help out.

    2. hi patrick
      i am planing a trip to the rock this august and was wondering if there are any permits or anything a person would need for camping or atving thanks

  2. No permit required for ATV or camping.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Other than Gaff Topsails and Serpentine Lake, are there any other good side trips you would recommend?



  4. There is a nice mountain top view not far from the Port Aux Basques Terminal. check out the link below.

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  6. The old white rail car, we own that :)