Monday, January 7, 2019

Packing Tips and What to Bring

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If you plan on camping you'll need more storage for your gear. Don't let that intimidate you from enjoying a night under the stars near a beautiful lake. Just split the extra gear among the people with you. Besides, you may be surprised what you can tie onto your ATV racks with bungee cords. Check out Day 2 and Day 3 of my 2014 Trip for camping photos.
Packing Tips:
  1. A Trial Run - Pack everything a few weeks before you go to make sure you have enough room for the items you want to take.  
  2. Try not to over-pack clothing- you'll use less clothing than you think especially if you stay at a motel with a washer and dryer. (Trailblazer's has one in Badger and Pirate's Haven has one in Robinsons)
  3. Don't worry if you forget something, you can buy it on the trail - food, propane tanks, beverages and other items aren't difficult to find. There are gas stations and stores along the trail.
  4. Pack your storage boxes full so items don't bounce around. If you have extra space stuff a blanket in there to keep items tight.
Suggested Items:
A lot of items listed are camping related so if you're not camping you won't need that much. Look through the list and adjust it to your needs. Communicate with your friends and see who is already taking similar items that you can share - don't duplicate if you don't have to. 

General Items
  • Goggles and dust mask - Don't do this trip without either unless you have a full face helmet. The dust can be insane at times in the summer.
  • Make your own list  -  check items off the list as you pack. It's easy to forget things.
  • Air Compressor  - in case of a flat tire. Trust me, they happen. If you're in a group make sure there are at least 2 in case one breaks. I've seen it happen.
  • Tire Patch Kit  - flats happen  
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tool kit 
  • Spare Fuses
  • Gasoline - I suggest 5-10 litres per person. Fill up at every gas station you pass and you shouldn't need it. BUT take it anyway in case you happen to miss a station.
  • Cell phone - You'll get good signal strength in a lot of places.
  • Water proof bags & Cargo BagsMEC has quality waterproof dry bags and duffel bags for your clothes. I've used this  10 cubic foot waterproof bag a few times.
  • Ratchet Straps & bungee cords - you never know what you'll need to strap down
  • Pain Meds - Ibuprofen, Robaxacet, Voltaren etc. (a sore back or shoulders can ruin your day)
  • Camera/Video - batteries and 12v chargers to plug into your ATV while riding or plug in at motel rooms at night.
  • Duct Tape - "Don't leave home without it"
  • Mini fire extinguisher - at least one person in the group should have one.
  • GPS 
  • Pre-Arrange Transportation for the gap in the trail near Corner Brook.
    Cecil Anderson, Pasadena, (709)686-5534 or Conway’s Towing Service in Corner Brook (709)634-2338. You can't book Conway's in advance, just call the day you need them. I know this isn't exactly considered packing but it's important. Bring those two numbers with you.
  • Bug spray - generally the bugs aren't bad. BUT in some places they could be thick so take spray.
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Change of foot wear (boots for trailing, sneakers and water shoes in case you go swimming or just want to walk in the water to cool off on a hot day.) and sneakers for everything else)
Camping Items
  • Water and Food -  freeze meat and water before putting them in a cooler and they'll stay cold for days. Make sure you take water breaks or you might get dehydrated. Don't take more than a day's food because you can get more on the trail.
  • Storage - If you're camping you'll obviously need more storage space. I use a huge 10 cu ft waterproof cargo bag and created plywood inner walls to keep the bag from sagging. I use ratchet straps to secure it to the rear rack. Works fantastic! You can see it in the video below.
    Here is the bag I use from Tow Ready
    Here are smaller similar bags if you don't need that much storage.  
  • Cooler - I've seen people use hard coolers for general storage as well as food. I use a soft sided cooler and keep it my home-made storage box.
  • Fire Items - lighter, waterproof matches, old newspaper, lighter fluid and fire sticks (for campfires)
  • Portable BBQ or gas stove - only take a few fuel tanks as you can buy more on the trail. 
  • Camping Supplies - Tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, pillow etc. if you plan on camping. 
  • Silicone water proof spray works great for your tent, rain fly, and clothing. Wal Mart has it for about $12.00 a can. Spray your tent before you go!
  • Lights - Flash Lights, lanterns and batteries.
  • Dishes - Camping Plates, cutlery, pan, camp kettle etc.
  • Water Proof gear - boots, gloves, pants and jacket. If you happen to hit rain you could get cold if you aren't dressed properly. You might hit sun and rain within the same morning/afternoon so make sure a clothing change is within easy reach.
  • Garbage bags - whatever you take in be sure to take out with you! Let's help keep it beautiful there.


  1. Thanks for the info Patrick. My friends and I are quite stoked about doing this trip. Due to commitments next summer, it won't happen. 2016 Will be the year for us. But in my head, with info from your blog, I'm planning it now. It won't happen soon enough.

    1. Glad you found the information useful. Enjoy the trip when you go and send me an update after you go to let me know how you made out.

    2. I wished I had found this site before I made the trip with a guide .

    3. thinking about doing this trip this year not sure when maybe in fall would like a ph # or a e mail so i could talk syl email