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2015 pics - Argentia to Port Aux Basque

2015 Trip - Argentia to Port Aux Basques
Ferry Day
Nova Scotia to Newfoundland
We had to travel several hours from our homes in Nova Scotia to the Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal in North Sydney. The Ferry trip from Nova Scotia to Argentia, Newfoundland is 16 hours.
Getting ready for the three hour drive to the ferry terminal

Off-loaded from the truck and ready to drive on the ferry
(visible in the background) 

Double checking that our gear is secure
Getting our boarding passes

Waiting in line to get on the ferry
Exploring the ship before the 16 hour ride starts

Watching the sunset before having a few drinks of rum
Day 1
Argentia to Clarenville
Once we landed in Argentia we ride our machines right off the boat to the trail, which is about 2 km (1.5 miles).

Getting ready to disembark the ship
Stopping to get our gear organized before hitting the trail
The first photo break

A spot we stopped at to BBQ lunch

A short-cut we took ended up being a long-cut. Good thing for winches.
No more short-cuts!
Duane hits the mud hole and gets through no problem
A couple of local guys that were already stuck in the hole when we got there.
They helped us get through.
Brian & Cheryl are a married local couple (middle) that helped
us find a spot to camp for the night. Not only that they brought us beer
and fire wood! Newfoundland hospitality at it's finest.
A good end to the first day on the trail

Day 2
Clarenville to Gander

It was a good night perfect temperature for tenting.
A small waterfall we came across on the trail. We took a break for a bit
and Bob hit the water.

When you come across a gas station on the trail, you fill up, regardless
of when you last did. 
We stopped for gas at a town called Port Blandford and bought a few supplies.
The Trailway Cabin Lounge. A great little rest spot.

We camped at the Country Inn Motel & RV Park. A nice spot
with facilities including showers to wash the dust off.
See on Google Maps

Day 3
Gander to Badger

We stopped under a bridge to BBQ lunch. It was really hot that day so
the bridge provided some welcome shade.
We stopped for gas at Grand Falls
A view of a sunset near Badger
Another stop just about 1 km from Badger
We stayed at Badger Diner & Motel for the night.

Day 4
Badger to Howley
We camped on a beach in Howley. If you're not interested in camping you'll want to continue on to Deer Lake for a motel room. 

We stopped at an old granite quarry for photos before climbing the Gaff Topsail Mountian

The Gaff Topsail Mountain is in the background. It's about a km ride almost to the top.
It's a little rough but we all made it no problem.

We stopped at the Howley Shopping centre for gas, our after supper beer, water, etc.
This little store has everything - it's like a little Wal Mart.
One of the beaches along the Howley area. This is where we camped for the night.

Day 5
Howley to Serpentine Lake

packing up camp and getting ready to hit the trail
There is a section of trail about 30 km long between Pasadena and Corner Brook.
The only way around is to get someone to haul you. We use Cecil Anderson. His telephone
number is on the Planning Your Trip page.
Arriving at Serpentine Lake
Bob checked out the water, clothes and all! He said he could wash the trail dust
off that way. I tried the water, it was a bit on the cool side.

Our camp site for the night

Setting up the camp kitchens for supper.

Duane heads out in search of fire wood

You never know what bungee cords will come in handy for

Duane returns with fire wood. 

Day 6
Serpentine Lake to Robinson's

We stopped for gas at Stephenville Crossing
Pirate's Haven Chalets. The cabins here are really comfortable. This was my third time staying here,
I highly recommend it. It's a great spot for your last night on the trail.

Day 7
Robinson's to Port Aux Basques

We had breakfast at the pub before we hit the trail in the morning.

We stopped at the top of the Table Mountains but they were fogged in. Too bad.

You get your ATV or any motorized vehicle sprayed down before heading boarding the mainland.
They don't want you taking a certain bug back with you that can cause potato wart. The bug is
found in the soil.
Bye bye Newfoundland. See you next year!


  1. What type of bag is on the back of the Polaris in the first bit of pictures?

    1. Rola 59102 expandable bag